Reminder: You can do all the paperwork you want to do, but you only have to complete the following: 

  1. Agreement of Sale

  2. Seller's Property Disclosure

  3. BFI (if required by listing agent)

  4. Pre-Approval (please upload into DotLoop on your own)

  5. ALTA – Uploaded into DotLoop on the day of settlement 

Note: Closing Costs Estimate
On the form there is now an option if you want Lindsay/Natalie/Hannah to prepare the estimate.  If you do, they will use Bright’s calculator and add in standard fe
es.  If not, you will be responsible to provide the estimate yourself or upload the Lender's Loan Estimate. 


Fill out the form above once your listing is under contact and you have the Executed Agreement of Sale 


Reminder: You can do all the paperwork you want to do, but you only have to complete the following:


  1. Listing Contract

  2. Seller's Disclosure & LPD 

  3. Private Exclusive Paperwork & Bright MLS Waiver (If you do not plan to put on the MLS right away, you need to get this signed as Compass requires this when something is sold off market)

  4. ALTA – Uploaded into DotLoop on the day of settlement     


The transaction process essentially starts one the house goes under contract.  We have found that this is the smoothest experience for both us and the client.  It keeps the agent as the main point of contact through the listing process with the client. 


Note: Conveyancing
On the New Listing form is the option to order conveyancing.  If you do not order it on this form, you will not be able to order it through us.  Lindsay/Natalie/Hannah will not be involved in conveyancing if it is not selected on the form.  No exceptions.    


Philadelphia: Lindsay/Natalie/Hannah will order the U&O. Charge of $112.20 will be added to the sheet when sent to title for fees. They will also order payoffs on behalf of your clients.

Suburbs: All conveyancing will be ordered through Compass. They charge $250 plus costs of certs.  This will be charged to the agent.  It will either be deducted from your commission or you can select to have it added to the sheet.


Agents are responsible for all rental transactions from start to finish in DotLoop.  At the top of the Template is a sheet title "PA Compliance - All Rentals" which shows all required documents for all rentals.  This is mandatory by Compass.  Once this has been completed 100%, please fill out the New Rental From above. Do not fill this out early if you are still waiting on documents. Once the form comes in Lindsay/Natalie/Hannah will move everything into Skyslope and complete the commission sheet on your behalf.  If you complete the form without everything complete, there will be an extra $50 taken from your check as a processing fee.  Follow the rules, and we won't 

Closed Deal Performance Review: 

Your review is important to our continued success and process improvements.  Please provide your feedback after every deal is closed.  You can review the Transaction Coordination process and the Marketing Materials provided.